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SVCGG has a general meeting the 2nd Saturday of every month except for Dec and a Reunion for the Mac meeting the 4th Thursday of every month except Nov/Dec. All of our meetings are free and open to the public. Anyone is welcome!

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September 2023 General Meeting:

September 9th - Online

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Meeting time: 10am-11:30am

Seeking Maps for Context and Analysis in Urban Genealogical Research

with Melinda Kashuba

Urban maps are genealogically useful because they depict cities and adjacent areas where many of our ancestors gravitated to seek opportunities. Besides location, neighborhood land use, wealth, race, and property ownership can be found on urban maps. There are a plethora of maps available depicting cities but which ones are the most useful? This presentation will explore the multitude of opportunities to understand your ancestors' lives in American towns and cities. Though this presentation is United States centric, the information presented will apply to Canadian urban areas and will help in understanding the European roots of American cities. Examples from both public and private map collections will be discussed.

Join us on September 9th!

Upcoming SVCGG General Meetings

September 9th - Seeking Maps for Context and Analysis in Urban Genealogical Research by Melinda Kashuba - Online

October 14th - 1950 U.S. Census - Editing the index by Diana Hill - Online

November 11th - Beginning Online German Research by James M. Beidler - Online

Upcoming Reunion for the Mac Classes

Sep 28th - Working with Logs in Reunion with Martha Wallace

Oct 26th - Lists with Kathy Nielsen

Nov 16th - The Basics with Pamela Brigham

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